GLOBAL PARTS (LINYI) LIMITED, Founded in 2005, we are a distributor of SDLG FOTON LOVOL AND SEM MACHINERY.

Our main products include:

1,SDLG wheel loader,road roller,excavator,motor grader sdlg spare parts.

Model wheel loader LG916 L916 L920 L933 L936 L953 L955Fc L952 LG918 LG918L LG920 LG933 LG933L L933F LG936 LG936L L936F LG938 LG938L L938F LG946 LG946L L946F LG950 LG952 LG952L LG952H LG953 LG953L L953F LG955 LG955N LG956 LG956L LG958 LG958F LG959 L956F L958F LG968 LG968L LG969 LG978 LG979 LG989 L952D LFT30 L979F L978F L989F B877 LGB680

MODEL ROAD ROLLER RS8260 RS8220 RS8200 RS8140 RS7260 RS7220 RD730 RS7120 RS8140 RS8180 RS8200 LG814 LG816 LG818 LG820

MODEL MOTOR GRADER G9220 G9190 G9165 G9180 LGG8180 LGG8220

MODEL EXCAVATOR E6460F E6400F E6360F E6300F E690F E680F E660F E665F ER616F LG9135E LG6150E LGW6150E LG6210E  LG6225E LG6300E LG6360E LG6400E

2,foton lovol wheel loader road roller hydraulic excavator motor grader spare parts

model wheel loader FL917F FL920F FL933F FL935E FL936F FL938G FL946F FL955F FL956F FL958G FL966F

model excavator FR60 FR65 FR80 FR150 FR210 FR220 FR260 FR330 FR480

model road roller FD812 FS814D FS818S FS826D

model motor grader FPY165C FPY180D FPY220C

FOTON LOVOL tractor model TE240 TE244 TE250 TE254 TE280 TE284 TE300 TE304 TE320 TE324 TE354  TB404 TB504 TB354 TB400 TB454 TB500 TB600 TB604 TA600 TA604 TA650 TA654 TA700 TA704 TA750 TA754 TG1254 TG1454 TG1654 TG1854 TD820 TD824 TD900 TD904 spare parts

3 SEM ZL30F ZL50F SEM636 SEM638 SEM639 SEM650 SEM652 SEM655 SEM656 SEM658 SEM659 SEM660 SEM669 MG921 MG922 SPARE PARTS